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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Hello to you all! I'm a new blogger and i dont now how it will go? but here i goo!!

I learnd about blog's from a friend from Canada, i really nice girl " women " who i learnd a lot from, My self i messed up when i was there but that is i shity story! As today im back in Sweden and i live at a Hostel, but i visit my parents now and then, so there for i can wright this blog! I have taken up Kickboxing that i think is good for me and that i feel get's me to get out all anger, and all shit that goes on in my life! enughf about that!!

In Sweden Gothenburg where i live just a week ago Bruce S was here and shakeded all the hell lose that was really cool, last time he was here he nerly ruined the whole stadium, that we have here , talk about fans!!

that's all for today! and thanks to " J " of Canada for getting me in to this!
p.s i'll hope i can keep upp with this blog!!

sorry for all miss spelling!!!!!

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